The Big Question – Think “Why?” For SEO & Content Marketing Success

by , December 10, 2015
The Big Question – Think “Why?” For SEO & Content Marketing Success

For everything good that’s developed during the recent Inbound Marketing Revolution, there’s definitely one drawback.

The number of companies that are pumping out articles blindly with no clear Content Marketing Strategy and with no real rationale for why they’re doing what they’re doing, is far too high.

Yes, they’re aware there’s some sort of SEO agenda at stake and a floating objective of bringing more eyes to their website, but this scenario presents a major issue. Getting people to visit your site is just one step involved in a successful Marketing Strategy.

How do I develop a successful Content Marketing Plan within the world of SEO?

The answer to this complicated question, one needs to both ask and understand they “why?” and “how?”. This rationale behind your objective must go far beyond “increasing web traffic” because let’s face it, this should be a given.

You must ask yourself why you want to drive more traffic to your website with this SEO and Content Strategy. Some of the goals might look like this:

  • Are you trying to capture leads?
  • Are you aiming to increase sales for your ecommerce store?
  • Are you establishing yourself as an industry leader?
  • Are you attempting to become a valuable resource for clients and customers?

Without beginning with these or similar objectives in mind, your SEO and content strategy will be diluted and fall flat on it’s face. A clear goal like this will supercharge keyword, content and targeting efforts with a clear and precise higher purpose.

To help you in understanding these, learning the clear distinction between lead generation and demand generation is a great place to start:

  • Demand generation involves all activities that raise awareness about your product, company and industry.
  • Lead generation covers collecting leads using forms on your website and website tracking software to add to your lead database.

In closing, always always always know why you’re doing what you’re doing when it comes to your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Strategy. This one simple adjustment will breathe more life into your SEO efforts than any other tactic.

Doing it blindly “just ‘cause” won’t cut it anymore.