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The small town of Sandwich, England is described by their citizens as ‘lovely, but boring’. Nestled in the Port of Kent, the town has architecture dating nearly a thousand years in age. The marketers at Walkers, the English snack company under Pepsico, engaged the citizens with a witty cross-promotion of celebrities like Pamela Anderson, an English boy band called JLS, and Formula 1 driver Jenson Button. You can learn more about the vision right here from the marketing director. Creativity Online writes a critique about the Grand Prix Jury ruling this one a winner.

Video content was distributed throughout the cyberspace on social media channels. Traditional ad spots also ran on the radio and television. The brand positioning is rather obvious but still clever. This particular campaign won accolades at the Cannes Grand Prix for its creative effectiveness. I couldn’t have said it better.

It is important for web developers to understand the buyer.  Words cannot begin to substantiate this fact.  The power of our digital era has eliminated the need for immediate engagement with a sales representative.  The buyer will go online, researching through their personal channels. After this is complete, they will contact a representative to set up a conversion (sale). In this sense, the content must be a premiere centerpiece that showcases your product.

This content must also be easily transferable, crossing mobile channels and time zones.  Buyers tend to err on gaining specific details from the outset, while inquiring on a personal level when a service piques their interest.  They would like to know the price points first so that they do not spend a lot of time with a vendor that does not seamlessly fit their needs. Since they have the ability to survey from several websites, a video demonstration can be a powerful form of online advertising.

My industry colleague, Lauren Carlson, does a brilliant job of explaining the demands of a software buyer. She posted a mix of illustrative data charts and actual quotes. She also has offered some links from vendors with toolkits to get you started. Read more here.


In this video above, a Google programmer discusses the enhancements in language to their search algorithm, which speeds up the search query to handle the rise of mobile data transfers. The UI now also includes the ability to search by image pulled from your files or pages. Ad Age also notes of another innovation named Google Instant for Pages. The search giant will pre-load the predicted page in user results based on prior queries, saving approximately 10 seconds. More so than classified advertising, this new technology will drive up the value of banner advertising, as the number of impressions will rise for a user. Unfortunately, the test can only happen on the Chrome server. Holders of that portal should pass along feedback. Here’s another video.

Such an increased speed of a visual search algorithm foreshadows some developments for the future of the query experience. A future where SEO could be rendered obsolete. It should also prove advantageous for producers of video content, as load times will decrease with processor improvement. I also think that access to a wider range of personalized video content will improve, and do not be surprised if Netflix applies these tools to its query dashboard.

The Wimbledon championships begin on Monday. Crayon, a London integrated ad agency, is pulling out an old campaign trick for new viewers.  Fallon created the memorable advertising spot with bouncing color balls in San Francisco back in 2005 for the release of Sony’s Bravia line.  Sony UK will be rolling out a 3D TV presentation during the competition’s last week.  The electronics giant is looking to promote 3D technology in England, and will attach social media widgets for users to comment on the action in real-time.  The 3D content will also be live streamed in cinemas for patrons without a 3D television along through the BBC network.  Matt Coombe, general manager of brand marketing at Sony, states the cross-reference which is clear from the start. “This project is based around a great creative idea that not only cleverly maximizes nostalgia around a previous Sony campaign, but explodes the idea digitally without having to support it on TV.”













Our world is already synchronized by the financial marketplace.  Our communication technology is synched in place too. What about your organizational abilities? Do you have clientele or friends who you communicate with through Skype on a regular scale? If you are someone with this lifestyle and need to manage interdependent content, then I recommend this website domain named WorldTime Buddy.

The website design is spartan but wholly interactive.  You only need to swing the wiry mantle left and right with your mouse for alignment of disparate time zones.  First, you must type in your preferred cities which generate instantly through the search query box. The list then stacks up on the interface to a maximum of ten entries.

For business users, the timezone converter has a content menu consisting of Google Applications to email and share information on meeting details. This API may throw some people off for its hokey mantle swing, but the sharing menu does have viable utility. Click on the image to navigate the UI and leave comments here.












Father’s Day is just around the corner.  If you have not made up your mind and want some ideas, we suggest pieces from Jack Georges. The leather briefcase company has a unique portfolio in their e-commerce store, with some great gifts for your dad.

This example from the Jack Georges Elements collection is a best seller for many reasons.  The triple gusset flapover briefcase (Elements #4505) is handcrafted from European leather. The beautiful, rich grain has a scratch resistant coat with a steel frame top that folds reflexively.  Inside the bag, you get a padded compartment storage for a laptop equivalent to 15.6” along with an Easy Access Organizer for writing utensils and accessories.  An open back pocket rests on the side panel for your file documents.

Jack Georges has other fine products available for shipment when you order by 12 noon EST on Thursday, June 16th. Here is a second suggestion.

Nevada Collection 19” Duffel Bag.

Built for the weekend trip, this gorgeous duffel bag is made from a pebble grain crushed fabric and flecked with suede pieces.  It comes with durable handles made from full grain leather, containing zippered pockets on the outside and inside of the case.

Small businesses, as we know, need to be resourceful. They must be aware of nascent technologies before established merchants. Inherently, the partnership can provide reflexive benefits. A small business can maximize production for a minimum investment while building brand equity.  

Legion members of the mobile payment, we introduce you to Square.  Square is a free credit card service that includes many beneficial services. Signees receive a pocket-sized reader that attaches to your audio jack. The mobile application is available for use with both smartphones and tablets.  Transactions fees are static at 2.75% with no contracts or monthly fees.  This application also has the versatility of an open source platform, allowing the mechant to engage with customers coupled with altering online advertising campaigns based on financial reporting.

It will be interesting to see if Square engages with the geolocal movement spearheaded by social media ventures like Foursquare and Gowalla.  Local businesses could extract significant earnings lost to nominal ATM kiosks when cash is the only accepted form of payment.  Live artists who spend a premium on devices for recording can use Square on the road without compromising storage space.  Huey Lewis knew it all along.

This infographic is provided to you by CMS Forex.

Click here to add this infographic to your website.

CMS Forex is a website platform which oversees the buyers and sellers of the foreign currency exchange market. In the forex market, notes such as the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, and British Pound are traded. Their movements affect the operations and value of many channels across the world. This particular marketplace remains shrouded in mystery to casual observers. This particular infographic from CMS Forex is looking to engage the public about the business mechanisms.

The infographic is a fine example of quality graphic design with strong marketing elements for your segmented customer base. You will find bold, rich colors in this template with crisp graphical illustrations.  They start by listing basic fundamentals of the market, then listing the currency leaders.  I also like the comparison list highlighting the differences between the stock and forex markets.  You get a clearer perspective of their roles in the valuation of goods and services.  For new investors looking to start with currency trading, click on the infographic for more information.



I’m back at the Metropolitan Pavilion for Yahoo’s Internet Week Conference.  Traffic isn’t nearly as intense.  The Ford Focus still illuminates the main space, crowded next to endless sponsorship signs.  Yahoo Studios flashes programming from their several content stations.   

10:43:  Keynote Presentation by Robert Bowman

MLB Advanced Media CEO Robert Bowman is talking about the mobile experience enhancing interactivity for the fans.  In his mind, baseball remains the ultimate representation of theatre in sports.  They are also talking about the interactivity that spreads beyond the diamond with fantasy leagues and microsites like MLB FanCave.  The actual fan cave exists in the old Tower Records space in New York’s Greenwich Village, and it has offered exclusive program with baseball figures. Their Twitter feed has grown with followers by the day as content continues to gain traction.

11:10:  The Art Of The Side Project

Rick Webb of The Barbarian Group moderates a panel of serial entrepreneurs who talk about the balance between a full-time career and working with a side project.  Again, the crowd din makes it difficult to hear the panelists clearly. If they do it here next year, I’d recommend better audio equipment or hold panels in a separate auditorium. According to them, motivation is something that ebbs and flow with side projects.  Content must be regulated to attract unique visitors, advertisers, and so forth.  Once the side project rises in economic value, decisions must be made. The most common factor is enjoyment.  Is there a desire to leverage this into a career? You’d be surprised that sometimes, it is not.

11:20: Noah Brier talks about selling off Brand Tags for this particular reason. Brand Tag is deemed “a collective experiment in brand perception”.  He felt that the project grew into such a livelihood where other minds can carry it to a full potential. He also mentions that he never consciously refused to apply this side project in his traditional work setting. The time was just not available to direct focus in that space.

11:31:  Who Is Alex Blagg?

On the AOL stage, Alex Blagg of talks about how the Internet has statistically filled the Internet with endless content.  The effect on human discourse is brought out.  According to him, “A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Store just raised 10 million dollars in venture capital.” He also states that Internet hits are worth more than Dollars, Euros, and Yen combined. The dude is hilarious. He correlates content with basic internet principles, like SEO and online advertising scale. Only content exists, and there is a way where great content stratisfies the future. His keys: Not Too Many Words, Cheap, Disposable, Addictive, Effortesly, and mostly insanity. The mocking is classic. If only you could sit in front of him. He called MySpace “an apocalyptic wasteland where content zombies roam”.  My words don’t do it justice.

That’s the first half wrap. More to come in the afternoon.

Welcome to the third installment of interesting women entrepreneurs – those we should “Follow in Life and… on Twitter.”

Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Editor in Chief of the Small Business Trends website and newsletter. Campbell is also the host of Small Business Trends Radio.

Anita Campbell is an entrepreneur. She graduated from law school and has a wide range of interests. These interested are often reflected in her varied work background, including banking, information technology, human resources, marketing, and e-commerce.

Campbell is a professional speaker, analyst and a writer. She is regarded as being one of the leading small business experts.  She has gained this reputation by publishing several successful online media properties that reach over 1.5 million small business owners per year, among several other things.

Prior to starting her own venture, Campbell was the CEO for several corporations, including the Bell & Howell Company. This work experience combined with her education helped Anita Campbell to become a tremendous speaker with an expertise for small businesses. This has gained her notoriety. Campbell has been featured the “Wall Street Journal”, “New York Times”, “U.S. News” and “World Report”, “Entrepreneur Magazine”, “CIO Magazine”, “Entrepreneur Radio”, “”, and other several more.

In 2005 and 2008, Campbell’s “Small Business Trends” won Forbe’s “Best of the Web” distinction for small business blogs. The site also has been highlighted in the “Wall Street Journal”, on MSNBC’s “Your Business” show as Website of the Week, and twice in “the New York Times” in 2005 and 2008, and was a CODIE 2007 Finalist.

Anita Campbell gains and capitalizes on her success through the use of social media. On 8/27/10, Anita Campbell declared on “”:

“Traditionally we used blogs to provide online information, but in the past 18 months we’ve really taken on a lot more to do with social media. Rather than viewing our website as the sole destination to send traffic to, and where we wanted to focus all of our efforts, we saw that we had to have micro-communities or outposts on a variety of different sites. We need to be seen where our target audience is, which means reaching out on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.”

During the same interview, when asked which the most effective social media for small businesses are, Anita Campbell advised:

“LinkedIn is terrific for professional services since it allows you to connect with corporate executives and lets you establish your own expertise. Twitter is probably the most flexible and versatile of them all. I’ve seen it work very well for local businesses, online businesses, and e-commerce businesses. Facebook probably works best for business-to-consumers companies. It’s a very relaxed place and tends to muddy the lines between personal and business. It’s very much in keeping with people who are looking for something interesting for their personal lives or brands who provide them with information they can use in their everyday lives.”

Not only is Anita Campbell speaking at small business events, but she is the host of her own radio show called “Small Business Trends Radio,” which broadcasts over the Internet each week and is podcasted. The show features interviews of small business owners as well as corporate executives with useful information for the small business market.


Anita Campbell deserves to be recognized as a woman entrepreneur who should be followed in life and… on Twitter.