William Yeh, CEO of SogoInvest had all the right ingredients for success – an innovative product, great pricing and a diligent product development team. The only thing missing was a marketing team that could launch his brand and create the buzz it deserved. That’s where Blueliner came in. Blueliner planned a media tour to announce the launch of SogoInvest.

On the day of launch, the SogoInvest story broke as a feature piece in the Wall Street Journal. Following the Wall Street Journal was CNN Headlines News, First Business, CBS MarketWatch, Newsday, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek and WGN’s The Money Show. Since then, Sogo has been featured in Forbes Asia,, Barron’s, Washington Post, USA Today & Wall Street Tech. By combining PR with Blueliner’s 7 Pillars of Internet Marketing methodology, SogoInvest was able to penetrate the mass market – offline and online – instantaneously. Since its 2006 launch, SogoInvest has received over 1.8 million unique visitors to the site, resulting in over 10 million customer funded accounts.

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