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Cynthia lvie moved to Chicago in October 1998 with just two clients. Her company was initially called “Loose Ends Life & Project Management” and word of mouth quickly spread. As the largest firm of its kind in the Midwest, the company was re-branded White Space™ in January 2005. With Word of Mouth being her only source for lead generation, Cynthia knew she needed to diversify her ‘marketing strategy’. That’s when she was introduced to Blueliner.

Blueliner initiated a geo-targeted online advertising campaign to drive targeted traffic to the White Space website. An aggressive SEO campaign tailored towards the Midwest was also executed. Through Blueliner’s interactive efforts, including online advertising, SEO, blog and website development, White Space significantly increased its client base, while solidifying brand equity on a viral scale.

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New York Video School

The New York Video School is the world leader in online video training. In 2008, NYVS approached Blueliner for corporate branding, ecommerce, and social media services. Blueliner built a custom, robust ecommerce website capable of sharing online videos, tutorials, forums, and special applications. Blueliner’s artisitc direction and corporate branding has made the company instantly recognizable among those in the film community. Blueliner’s web platform for distance learning has become a bench-mark for other distance learning web sites. The user-friendly interface and strategic online advertising has made NYVS a popular method to learn about filming techniques for thousands.

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Jack Georges

Jack Georges is a leading leather apparel retailer for the business world. Founded in 1987, Jack Georges offers leather handbags, laptop cases, and other products for men and women that are stylish and functional. The products test the time of durability and are created here in the USA.

Jack Georges wanted to compete with leading retailers online for sales. Their management met with Blueliner to develop a complex E-commerce campaign that would not only redevelop the brand for online consumers, but also invigorate sales for the retail outlets nationwide. The design team along with strategists at Blueliner updated the brand by designing a new website. The website was complimented by an Anar Studios (subsidiary of Blueliner Marketing) shot and produced photo-shoot, including product images. A rejuvenated SEO strategy has given Jack George’s an improved search presence. The Blueliner team enforced brand identity with Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and a new blog titled, “Success Stories”.

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Manhattan Orthopaedic Care

Manhattan Orthopaedic Care seeks to provide relief for those suffering from orthopaedic ailments. MOC treats all types of conditions, including upper and lower extremeties followed by spinal, with allopathic and non-allopathic methods.

MOC partnered with Blueliner to deliver a corporate brand strategy that began with a revamped website. The design has a clear, easily navigable menu dock with smooth drag-down links. Keywords were also filtered in to engineer increased search engine rankings. Secondly, the client had a redesigned graphic logo in several digital formats coupled with a new brochure designed with Adobe Acrobat.

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Our Med

OurMed is a company that espouses sharing of medical knowledge, unbiased and unfiltered, amongst trusted medical professionals. The organization enlisted Blueliner to design a website around the Wiki design format to allow for constant uploading of relevant information that can be edited at any point in time. Blueliner also optimized the website for search indexes across the Internet by installing links and pertinent keywords. Registered users can share current events along with community news for their specific domain.

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CMS Forex

Founded in 1999, CMS Forex is a world leader in online retail currency trading.  CMS Forex has based fast growth on its online software named VT Trader, available for easy use by its loyal client base.  CMS Forex prides itself on providing current technology, quality execution, and superior customer support.

CMS Forex agreed to a partnership with Blueliner to build a multi-domain SEO strategy for networking all of the trading sites’ extensive domains.  Blueliner also recommended a social media marketing initiative alongside other digital strategies to extend their target customer base and elicit direct feedback from customers on strategy.  Our Web Analytics team draws monthly reports and makes recommendations from traffic metrics.  These directives continue to increase both traffic and the number of new active account acquisitions.

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California Closets

California Closets New York is on a mission, and that’s to organize your home, and most importantly, your life. The experts go beyond the walls of your bedroom to create a custom storage system for your garage, office, children’s room, or any pertinent space for your lifestyle. They create a modern solution for your modern clutter.

Blueliner did an extensive level of interactive work for California Closets New York. First off, the website design was reorganized, with utilization of the logo and color scheme and a recommended site architecture. Flash elements were placed within the website, and pertinent keywords dotted throughout for search engine indexing.

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Bogner is a German clothing label that sells clothing apparel for the active lifestyle. They carry exemplary outerwear for both men and women regardless of the season. Bogner is seeking market share in the retail sector of America, and began by opening a flagship store in New York on West Broadway, one of Soho’s prime traffic areas.

Bogner looked to Blueliner for a full interactive media campaign to launch their e-commerce site for the Americas. Blueliner has implemented several pillars of marketing, including search engine optimization, online advertising, email marketing, web analytics and social media support services.

Blueliner’s strategic tactics significantly increased Bogner’s Holiday and annual sales. With a 147% increase in traffic from search engines and 98% increases in website visits, Bogner saw a 36% increase in E-Commerce sales with a 38% decrease in media spending for the 2010 Holiday season.


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Bid On The City

Bid On The City has become an emerging force in the New York real estate market.  The mission of Bid On The City aims to democratize real estate, allowing local residents also in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Miami an opportunity to place a claim.  Bid On The City is a pioneer in online real estate auctions, with an interactive media portfolio accessible for all participants.

Blueliner placed a bid to jumpstart the running for Bid On The City’s SEO campaign.  Our digital marketing team reported pertinent keyword phrases, offering technical advice on web development including on and off-page techniques.  Developers also consulted with them on layout modification to assist with search algorithms.

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Bell Rock Capital

Cassandra Toroian, Founder of Bell Rock, was named one of the top five analysts in the country as a Wall Street Journal “All Star” Analyst for her stock picking in 1999. Consequently, Cassandra has become an editorial resource for CNBC, Bloomberg Television, The Wall Street Journal, and various print media including The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Boston Globe.

However, her company’s website did not reflect Bell Rock’s level of expertise in the field. Cassandra hired Blueliner to improve her company’s website through a website re-design, and development of an interactive media center with online media clips, press releases and articles.

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