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Webinar: Expanding into Asia (2/17/11)


Blueliner’s success as a digital marketing and strategy agency is partly credited to their “World is Flat” business model. This model provides 24/7 implementation and ROI-centric Internet marketing methodologies. With offices already in New York, India, Bangladesh, and consultants in Macedonia, Vietnam, Mexico, and more, Blueliner has become a world-wide success and a model for all businesses looking to expand overseas. The opportunity to bring Internet-based products to India has never been better.

Join us for a highly interactive webinar which will explore the issues and challenges for brands looking to penetrate the Indian market, and on making your business more efficient and cost-effective. Blueliner CEO, Arman Rousta will broadcast live from Blueliner’s Indian offices, and share his experiences on assessing the market potential, budget allocation, determining the media mix and analyzing the results through real life case studies.

When: Thursday, February 17th
Time: 2:00-3:00pm EST/11am-12:30pm PDT
Where: Online Web Conference
How: Register Online
Cost: Free

Registration for this event is now closed.

Thank you to those that attended!

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