How to Improve Your Patient Pipeline

by Blueliner, July 26, 2016
How to Improve Your Patient Pipeline

Digital Marketing is the most effective way to improve your patient pipeline. It can help you reach the millions of patients and their family members that are online. According to the Pew Research Center these patients are younger, better educated and more affluent.

Most physicians don’t understand digital marketing or how to maximize its 7 pillars: content, design, search, media, CRM, social and mobile. This is not a surprise given the increasing complexity and rapid evolution of the digital marketing industry:

  • 10 years ago the iPhone did not exist, now 44% of patients that research hospitals or practices on a mobile device schedule and an appointment during that same browsing session
  • 3 years ago Healthgrades did not exist, today 84% of patients use both online and offline resources for hospital or physician research and referrals
  • During the first 3 months of  2016 WedMD and Spine-Health averaged more than 4 billion page views per month

In order to succeed in the evolving digital marketplace and health care industry, you must commit to:

    1. Constantly producing new, valuable, patient-centered content
    2. Maintaining your search optimization practices and
    3. Building your social media engagement and overall online presence

These marketing tactics will not only get you noticed, but also enable you to generate new, highly relevant patient leads. Just do a Google search for “best doctors” in your specialty and geographic region. Those clinicians that have focused on digital marketing in the past few years not only come up first in search results, but also have highly visible positive ratings and thus are capturing the majority of patients who look online for referrals today.

While this is no easy feat, the good news is that very few doctors have taken the initiative to fully leverage their digital presence. There is tremendous opportunity for you to start implementing these practices now to get ahead of those that sit on the sidelines and then wonder why their patient flow is dwindling.

Look for a partner that has been building successful marketing campaigns for healthcare clients. Now that digital marketing methodologies have been proven, and tools have been adapted and specifically developed for the health care industry, you can start to see results in just a few months, with an expected ROI of 300% to 600% in the first year.

Look for a partner that is eager to better understand your practice’s current pain points and help you achieve a more robust patient pipeline. Start by requesting a free evaluation of your current digital presence to identify ways in which  to grow your practice, achieve your goals, and set new aggressive targets for 2017 and beyond.

Look for a partner that can help you:

    1. Implement a Robust Marketing Strategy
    2. Maintain and Enhance Your Digital Presence
    3. Reach Potential Patients Directly
    4. Create a Funnel of Qualified Patient Leads