Blueliner CEO to be Key Presenter at Growth Marketing Conference 2016

by , May 3, 2016
Blueliner CEO to be Key Presenter at Growth Marketing Conference 2016


On Thursday May 5th and Friday May 6thBlueliner CEO Arman Rousta will deliver a key talk and an Advanced Growth Marketing Workshop at the Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco, California.

The Growth Marketing Conference is a leading hands-on, tactically-actionable conference that brings together the sharpest minds in the industry to talk about just one, single, monumental issue: growth. In addition to Arman, many other Growth Marketing leaders and keynote speakers will also be presenting over 15+ interactive sessions and workshops.

Joining the Blueliner team at this fantastic event will be industry experts from FacebookUberSaleforceGoogleMozLinkedInPinterestUdemyLyft and many more.  The Growth Marketing Conference is so important specifically because it reaches the founders and marketers within startups and offers them the opportunity to attend roundtable discussions with enterprise growth executives (VPs, CMOs), high-growth startup leaders (CEOs, founders), and top industry investors (VCs, angels).

Arman’s key address on Thursday will focus on “How to Become a Great Marketer” and will outline how the path to greatness lies in the 7 Core Principles (CPs), which are (1) Time Mastery, (2) Goal Orientation, (3) Holistic Approach, (4) Innovation Driven, (5) Business Intelligence, (6) Agility and (7) Collaboration.

For Friday’s workshop, Arman will address how one finds their niche in the rapidly changing digital economy and give an in-depth session on this proprietary framework called The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing. In this workshop, participants will be given a virtual tour through all 7 dimensions of the framework, and given practical applications for how to utilize 7 Pillars to solve their current marketing challenges. Attendees will look at how Digital integrates with Traditional Marketing most effectively, through the lens of ROI Marketing and Customer Lifetime Value models. Each participant will have a chance to determine their Marketing Personality Type (MPT) as well as that of their teammates.

This Workshop is Perfect For: Entrepreneurs, Founders and Business Owners CMOs, Marketing VPs CFOs, COOs HR Professionals Digital Marketing Consultants and Practitioners Students Strategy Development.

Speaking about the event, Arman said “Blueliner is proud to be a primary sponsor of such a cutting edge conference and identifies whole heartedly with helping our clients achieve the primary topics covered in the conference; User Acquisition, Conversion Optimization and Retention. Following the event, Blueliner will be available as a potential key Marketing partner to the various startups that are attending the event, both in advisory and executional capacities.”

If you are attending the event, please come say “Hello” to one of our team. We’re always delighted to ‘talk shop’ and meet some new faces in this exciting world of Digital Marketing.

To learn more about Growth Marketing Conference, please visit the website here.