Blueliner’s Spring Fling Featuring Ajustco Co-Founders is a Big Success!

by , April 10, 2015

spring-fling-The annual Blueliner Spring Fling — Ajustco’s private celebration of the company’s two-year anniversary of full Operations with over 40 shareholders— was a major success again this year! Located at the Innovation lab at Anar Studios, the very place where Ajustco was incubated, the Event centered around the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.  The night featured speeches from Ajustco CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Stile, and  Blueliner’s CEO and Ajustco Co-Founder, Arman Rousta, during which the entrepreneurs and friends thanked their supporters and provided updates on future plans for the company.

Stile notes, “The event was a success.  While we do send our pool of investors a monthly update highlighting the current position and activity of the company, this investor event offered a unique opportunity to connect with our investors and let them feel the energy of the company.  You can’t compete with live and in-person.  We had a detailed power-point presentation which really enhanced the comprehension of what we are doing. That is sometimes difficult to do with just an email.  The investors were also able to ask questions and we finished off the evening with a cocktail hour where we further discussed the future of the company as we mingled with the crowd.  This was a great way to celebrate with beginning of our third year of operations and we plan on doing something similar every year.”

This is only the beginning of an already very fruitful collaboration.  Having partnered with Blueliner LLC (a NYC-headquartered digital marketing agency), Ajustco’s sales of the award-winning adjustable barrel bolt AjustLock®  doubled in 2014 and are on the same path for 2015!