DIY & Hardware

Blueliner works closely with hardware manufacturers and suppliers to develop products and bring them to market. Our track record includes design for award-winning packaging, and many successful CRM, email marketing, mobile, and social media campaigns. Our work with the startup Ajustco has resulting in their products being sold in more than 200 Home Depot stores across the U.S.

Case study features


Ajustco was a small startup with big ambitions. Blueliner was dedicated to make those dreams a reality! Our developers and designers strategized to create a First-Class, Dealer Ready Ecommerce Website with Store Locator (driving foot traffic to local stores). Blue liner also ran a full scale SEO and Social Media Marketing Campaign, raising significant brand awareness and resulting in a viral video with over 200k views (“Ajustlock Bathroom”). The Ajustlock gained so much traction that it is now sold in over 200 Home Depots in the US.