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June 24, 2011 – 5:57 pm
Abdul Fattah Ismail

We are back with another digital media news wrap up. Let us begin.

1.  Google Confirms Antitrust Inquiry

The Federal Trade Commission has dropped a hammer that has long been expected.  The headline from The New York Times delves into the ramifications.  The content is quite benign, stating that the search and online advertising titan has not been accused of malpractice at this point in time. It merely echoes the showdown between Microsoft and the U.S. government in the 1990s. Buckle your search goggles.

2. Facebook Cashes Virtual Currency

We have more Facebook news. This one is pertinent for web developers.  They will now have to pay 30% of their proceedings from games like Farmville to Facebook.  The article notes, importantly, that Credits will be used to pay for other digital content forms.  As we already know in the tech world, content is the new king. Hardware is loved, but it’s value is fading.

3.  Copious Ties To E-commerce

Copious is looking to enter the e-commerce marketplace of auctions where EBay has long held reign.  They, however, are doing it with the integration of Facebook users.  Online auction vendors should be able to construct interesting strategies for demographics.  Nowadays, items can be critiqued and shared through social networks before a purchase is considered.  This engagement can be quite influential regardless of the flow. The mission is intriguing.

4.  Apple’s Final Cut Pro X: Revealed

PC Magazine gives a positive review on the release of Final Cut Pro X.  They claim that the interface upgraded will make the editing experience smoother once professionals adjust to the changes. Conan O’Brien has already lampooned the changes, and even online communities did the same today. Time will tell. It could portend for digital developers looking enter an online advertising sector which is slowly growing scale.

5.  Righthaven Claims Copyright Ownership

In the world of blog, you may not necessarily be what you post.  Righthaven, a Las Vegas-based copyright litigation company, met with the Las Vegas Review-Journal over some of the publisher’s content.  As a firm in the business of lawsuit protection, these cases have not garnered as much publicity. The democratization of written content by uncredible posters can only spread to other mediums like video and sound.  In fact, content is becoming more than king. It is becoming a tasty hot potato.

That’s the Blue news for now. Enjoy the weekend.





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