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Information: Your Most Powerful Shopping Tool!

April 5, 2010 – 2:09 pm
Prasad Sistla

It is easy, fast, resourceful and helps prevent long lines and aching heels! Yes, internet shopping is an experience that is far more convenient, easy and secure these days. With the proliferation of information over the web, and the myriad of tools available online, a shopper can experience a highly satisfactory shopping experience by striking great deals, or just by becoming more equipped with knowledge of what is out there! recently released a study of how people shop intelligently over the internet. This study provides some really useful and interesting insights into the behaviors of online shoppers. It brings to light the different tools that shoppers utilize depending on the product type, and this can be one of the handiest information to retailers.

The different online resources used by shoppers

As per the study, Search Engines top the list of online resources that users take most advantage of, by a whopping 61%. Coupon sites, product review sites, emails from retailers, etc. contribute between 24% and 35% usefulness to shoppers. The most interesting part of this survey is how usage of online tools varies with industry type. Love shoes? Talking to shoe shop assistants available through web chat seems to be the most preferred method! Whereas catalog marketing and email blasts from retailers appears to work best for regular apparel shoppers.

This can also prove to be an issue for fledglings in the retailing industry, as they need to come up with methods to find their way into their customer’s inbox! When it comes to buying electronic products, the geek within us will turn to search engines, reviews by professionals and recommendations from near and dear before proceeding to checkout.

This information, if studied carefully, can help retailers identify their customer niche and develop strategies by focusing on the most preferred ways his/her customer shops. This way, the retailer is benefited by retaining and acquiring new customers and also by safeguarding his investments.

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  2. Nice post and informative too.

    By Laskhmi on Apr 6, 2010

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