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Click Laundering Overtakes Microsoft

May 28, 2010 – 2:12 pm
Abdul Fattah Ismail

A new form of click fraud lingers online where a website gets credit for clicks disguised as legitimate online advertising.  It’s known as ‘click laundering’.  Microsoft was a victim last week and has subsequently filed a lawsuit against RedOrbit, a science news website and other unknown defendants.  The alleged fraud took place on Microsoft’s AdCenter network.  Fraudsters have learned to get around detections by using false parked websites to push ad traffic through to the internet.  The traffic can either come from malware hiding on computers which hijack the browser or botnets programmed to click on the ads without the user knowing it.  If the user clicks on what seems to be a search result code hidden on the site, it registers as a click on an ad.  RedOrbit has denied the allegations and plans to defend themselves in court.  Stay tuned here for updates.  


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