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Timebug’s primary mission is to help people be more productive with their time (however they define “productive”) and as a result, fulfilled in their lives.  In order to assist, we must first understand, which means constant research and experimentation.  The company is heavily focused on R&D efforts, related to time management, productivity and motivation.


7 Pillars Digital

The 7 Pillars of Digital Marketing™ is a comprehensive framework (or map) for the learning, strategy, budgeting, execution and analysis of the entire ecosystem of digital and integrated marketing. This practical system is based on a methodology that drives actionable insights on tactics and techniques that marketers can easily apply and measure.

The framework includes 7 Pillars, each of which highlight a key aspect of what makes a sustainable and successful “digital life” (i.e., Content, Design, Search, Media, CRM, Social and Mobile).  A multi-purpose visualization tool called the 49er Matrix .  The Matrix provides practitioners with a tangible roadmap consisting of 49 blocks (7 per Pillar) that represent distinct elements within digital marketing and help managers organize tasks such as runing website audits, managing time allocations, assigning staff to certain positions and projects, and grading a team’s  or individual’s performance.

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We also see Ajustco fitting because our products typically represent simple ‘adjustments’ to existing products, in order to evolve them. The entrepreneurial sprint of the company is matched by our desire to give back to society through our work and whatever benefits and gains come to us through our work. The AjustLock product, for example, was truly a gift from above (it did come to the Co-Founder, Jason Stile as a dream, after all)!